Manayunk Travel Wallet

Handcrafted Leather Travel Wallet
handcrafted slim wallet front thumb handcrafted slim wallet back thumb handcrafted slim wallet inside thumb handcrafted slim wallet black and white thumb
brown hand-stitched leather hereford red hand-stitched leather black hand-stitched leather

Accommodates cards, bills, and a passport
Size: 6.625" x 1.25" x 4.25" (L x W x H)



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The Manayunk is designed to carry a phone, keys, a couple cards, and some cash—the perfect size for the essentials. Carry it on its own or toss it in a larger bag. The Small Zipper Bag features 2 the signature Waskerd aesthetic and will age beautifully.

Handsewn Saddle Stitching

Stitching That Lasts

Stitching by hand is time-consuming, but for leather goods that will become heirlooms, it's worth the extra time.

Full Grain Leather

Highest Quality Leather

The strongest part of the leather is just below the hair on the cow. This part of the leather also has the most character.

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