Veg Tan Belt w/ Lost Wax Bronze Buckle

Vegetable Tanned Leather Belt with Bronze Belt Buckle
thumb of veg tanned belt thumb of front of veg tanned belt thumb of backside of veg tanned belt thumb of side view of veg tanned belt



Pant Size

Monogram ($10) ** (Located just above Waskerd logo.)

  • Size: 1 3/8" wide x approximately 5/32" thick
  • Lost wax bronze belt buckles cast at a small art foundry in Philadelphia
    (You have to watch the video above to appreciate these beauties.)
  • Lightly burnished rounded edges

The natural veg tanned leather will start off as a tan/beige and gradually change to a caramel then to a burnt honey with exposure to the sun and the oils from your hands. The bronze buckles are mill finished, which means they have no added sealant. The look and texture of each buckle varies from one to the next. But each one is truly a work of art that will darken and develop its own patina with time.

Handsewn Saddle Stitching

Stitching That Lasts

Stitching by hand is time-consuming, but for leather goods that will become heirlooms, it's worth the extra time.

Full Grain Leather

Highest Quality Leather

The strongest part of the leather is just below the hair on the cow. This part of the leather also has the most character.

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