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You provided water for 94 people.

100% of the funds have been sent to the field. Soon we'll find out exactly where the project will be.

Dirty Water vs Clean Water

To 663 million people, the glass on the right is practically a miracle.

You purchased leather bracelets and key fobs — and we donated 100% of the proceeds to charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Every penny went directly to fund clean water solutions.

In June, we'll find out what country will be home to our water project. And, in early 2018, we'll get its exact GPS coordinates.
See the charity: water campaign page here.

Watch the videos below to learn more about charity: water

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So what's the connection between wallets and water?

As Waskerd has grown, it has become increasingly important to me that the business does more than provide income for my family. I want it to actually do some good in the world. When I learned about charity: water, I knew I wanted to help them continue their meaningful work. Sure, Waskerd could make a donation, and I could feel fine about that... but what if I could get a few hundred people to make donations, and we could all feel fantastic about what we accomplished together?

Everyone needs clean, safe water. So I'm turning to the Waskerd wallet community to ask you to come together and help us turn leather into water. Thanks for joining us in this vital, worthwhile, and life-changing undertaking.

(This seems like a good spot for some backstory: My wife and I were both raised by parents who taught us that an act of generosity can mean a lot to a person in need. We've been on several mission trips where we witnessed some awful situations - and some wonderful outcomes. Now that we're parents, we want to instill in our daughter the same values. We're excited about helping her discover the joy of giving to others, and of connecting to something larger than herself. And we're thrilled to be able to do that with the help of people like you.)

Join us.

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Turn Leather into Water

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Thanks for helping us come together as a community, connect to something larger than ourselves, and focus on doing good in a way that will truly benefit others.

Young Cambodian Girl Drinking Clean Water