Leather Key Fob with Copper Stud

Veg Tan Leather Key Fob with Copper Closure
Leather Key Fob Front Leather Key Fob Back Veg Tan Leather New vs Used Leather Key Fob Closeup Leather Key Fob Side Leather Key Fob Monogram Example

Size: Approximately 3.75" long x .5" wide



Monogram ($5)

  • The natural caramel-colored leather gradually darkens to a rich burnt honey.
  • We make the copper studs in-house, so each one is slightly different from the next.
  • The bright copper will darken over time, developing a beautiful blue-green patina.
  • The barely-visible logo on the top of the copper stud subtly showcases the Waskerd attention to detail.
  • Presented in gift wrapping

The photo with "EHP" branded on it is an example of a monogram on the key fob. There are a wide variety of options for personalizing the key fobs and bracelets. For a more discreet personalization, it is also an option to add a date or other branding on the underside of the leather. Feel free to email me if you have a specific personalization request: derek@waskerd.com