Astoria 3-Pocket Wallet

Astoria Handcrafted Minimalist Wallet
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black leather with white stitching black leather with black stitching hereford red leather with white stitching dark brown leather with white stitching dark brown leather with brown stitching light brown leather with white stitching

Accommodates 6-7 cards & 1 or 2 quartered bills
Size: 4" x .375" x 2.5" (L x W x H)



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The Astoria is a stylish and functional wallet inspired by NYC living. The Astoria works well in a front or back pocket. There are 2 card slots on the inside and 1 on the outside.

The idea for Waskerd originated when I lived in Astoria, a neighborhood just east of Manhattan. Like all of NYC and much of the USA, Astoria is a confluence of different cultures. Its rich history (from being founded by a fur trader, to being home to a wide variety of immigrant cultures) made a huge impression on me. And so did my friend Billy, who had the original idea for this wallet design. Billy lived in Astoria while I was there, and without his encouragement and the impact of the city, Waskerd would not be around. (Read the story about Billy and me on the rooftop.) The Astoria represents all the people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had that led me to build Waskerd.

  • "Got the [Astoria] wallet a few weeks ago. It's great - I love it. Nice packaging."

    - John (New Jersey, USA)
  • "I received the [Astoria] wallet a week or so ago and i love it! it's a beautiful work of art and holds everything well. I was worried transitioning to a slim wallet, as i generally carry a bit of cash, but i've been able to slim down what i carry and still hold a good amount of cash. I am quite happy with it! Thanks for the work you put into it. I will certainly recommend your wallets to my friends."

    - Matt (Indiana, USA)
  • "I received the [Astoria] wallet last night. It's wonderful; very nice piece of leatherwork. I was a bit surprised by its thickness, but it works well. I'm actually thinking of getting a Strayer now, since I've managed to skinny things down a bit. Thank you, and best regards,"

    - Julian (Maryland, USA)
  • "Just received the Astoria today. Looks very nice, everything fits, thank you. Time to break it in."

    - Erik (Wisconsin, USA)
  • "The [Astoria] wallet got here in time for Christmas and my husband really likes it. Yay!"

    - Rachel (Arizona, USA)
  • "Just wanted to send you a email and let you know that I love my [Astoria] wallet (the quality And craftsmanship is amazing) and I'm looking forward to ordering another one in the near future. Thanks."

    - Brady (California, USA)
  • "I just received the [Astoria] wallet today and its fantastic! Its exactly what I was looking for."

    - Mitul (Oklahoma, USA)
  • "[The Astoria] Wallet is awesome man. You've got a great product! I'll be sending everyone your way."

    - Kyle (Virginia, USA)
  • "I just received the Astoria yesterday and it is lovely! There are no flaws or imperfections anywhere. I'm impressed with how nicely the leather is cut and stitched together. It was just the wallet I was looking for. Thank you!"

    - Joseph (Illinois, USA)
  • "I just got the Astoria wallet I ordered. Thanks so much for your note; I really appreciated the gesture. I think it may have impressed me even more than the wallet did! I couldn't be happier with the wallet. I was expecting thick, stiff leather, and instead it has to be the most pliable, softest-feeling leather I've ever felt. It holds exactly the right number of cards for me, and it's very comfortable in my pocket. The handiwork on it is awesome, too. It's a great product and I'm very pleased. I've been showing it off to my coworkers but they just think I'm weird for geeking out over a wallet. Anyway, thanks again so much!"

    - Christopher (Texas, USA)
  • "Just want to let you know that [my husband] loves the [Astoria] wallet; he's already using it..."

    - Samantha (Virginia, USA)
  • "I received my [Astoria] wallet today, thanks so much it's a wonderful piece of workmanship. I love the feel and build of the wallet, feels like a true luxury product. You have an advocate for life that's for sure. Thanks Again."

    - Saied (Bolton Lancashire, Great Britain)
  • "I have received my [Astoria] wallet and all is in order. I am very happy with the product, thank you for your quality workmanship. I appreciate the experience you have provided even through online shopping. The personal email, the packaging and note have added significant value to my purchase. I have been bragging about this experience all weekend. So thank you for that."

    - Nicholas (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • "I got my [Astoria] wallet today! I'm super excited, It is amazing! Exactly what I was hoping for!..."

    - Josh (Minnesota, USA)
  • "I received my [Astoria] wallet yesterday. It is a thing of beauty. I'll be sure to recommend your work to anyone in need of leather goods. Beautiful!"

    - Allan (British Columbia, Canada)
  • "The quality of the [Astoria] wallet is by far one of the best I've ever seen. I work in high-end retail for one of the major Italian fashion houses, so I have seen my share of leather goods. I could have easily gone with a designer wallet, but I've been drawn to buying from U.S. artisans and buying products that have a kind of warmth that shows through the craftsmanship. I can tell I will have this wallet for years to come."

    - Adrian (California, USA)
  • "Just wanted to let you know the [Astoria] wallet arrived this morning. So far it looks great and I can't wait to start breaking it in...Thanks for being so helpful! ."

    - Sumeet (Ontario, Canada)
  • "Today we collected the package at the customhouse. The [Astoria] wallets look great and we are the first ones who have WASKERD in Germany. Now, I can show all my friends the wallet...I will definitely do a lot of promotion... I hope the WASKERD business is going well in the USA!"

    - Arne (Niedersachesen, Germany)

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