Brea Zip Wallet

Brea 2-Sided Leather Zipper Wallet
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Accommodates 10-20 bills and 8 or 9 cards
Size: 4.5" x .75" x 3" (L x W x H)



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The Brea Zipper Wallet is designed to remain slim while boasting a large, organized, carrying capacity. The same piece of leather used to create the inverted gusset also creates an interior pocket, which reduces the layers of leather and keeps the Brea thin. The interior pocket accommodates US bills folded in half and also serves as a divider, allowing you to organize your cash and credit cards to suit your needs. Whether you slide this zipper wallet in your pocket or toss it in a bag, it provides the best of both worlds—simplicity & functionality.

This 2014 design began as a custom request from Venky Krishnan. Venky’s design was brilliant, but before developing it as a product I sent a prototype to Steve Montelli to get his feedback. Steve is the slim-wallet guru on YouTube; he’s reviewed hundreds of wallets and he coined “the sniff test” for determining leather quality. Steve and his audience gave lots of great input that helped fine-tune the design of this wallet. To thank him for the support, we named the wallet after Brea, CA, the city where Steve lives.

  • "...My wife also liked her [Brea] so much. Especially the zipper and the pink stitches. Thank you for taking care of your customers. It might have been the best online purchase that I've ever made. Wish you all the best "

    - Mohammed (New York, USA)
  • "[The Brea] arrived, and I'm very happy with it. Great design, and love the materials. Your wallet stuck out to me - I was searching for a zipper design only - for 3 major reasons: 1/the design and materials looked very high quality, 2/liked the idea of the inner pouch for cash or 1 card that is used frequently, 3/stitching looked unique and handmade. I'm pleased to report all those things are true. The leather is amazing, and the design seems very functional as well as cool. Great product, and thanks."

    - Blake (California, USA)
  • "I am so happy with your wallet I decided to order another one for my son. I am sure he will be as happy as I am owning one of your Brea wallets. I am sure the quality will be same as the one I received."

    - James (California, USA)
  • "The [Brea] wallet arrived safely. It looks gorgeous and works well with Canadian bills, too, though it's a bit fiddly to put them in the middle pocket. My boyfriend uses one of the side pockets for bills, the other one for cards and the middle one for coins. He loves the size of the wallet and your logo (he's a graphic designer). Thanks for a great product and great service! I'll make sure to recommend you."

    - Patricia (Ontario, Canada)
  • "I've been using the wallet on a daily basis [for a week], and it's starting to change my life. It seems to me that owning a slim wallet is actually a philosophical choice that requires one to examine what is essential, while also editing out items that can be left at home... the leather has already started to acquire a burnished patina. So, aesthetically, I think it is a great wallet. But, it is also rugged and extremely practical on a day-to-day level. I certainly look forward to using it for a long time. It's a great addition to your line of slim wallets and card holders... And, again, thanks again for everything!"

    - Robert (California, USA)
  • "Just received my [Brea] wallet. It looks awesome! Im very happy! Thanks for all your attention. It certainly makes the difference."

    - Jose (NSW, Australia)
  • "Got the Brea today...looks awesome. So far better for me than the Pinnell mainly because I carry a lot of cash... there are a lot of times I just throw my wallet in a backpack, motorcycle trunk, glove box etc and thought it would be nice to have the zipper to keep everything secure."

    - Paul (California, USA)

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