Add Colored Stitching in 2 Steps

  1. Add the product to the shopping cart (in any color).
  2. Use the dropdowns below to add the color combination to the cart.
Thread Color
Leather Color

Handcrafted Slim Wallet with Teal
teal hand-stitched thread green hand-stitched thread red hand-stitched thread purple hand-stitched thread pink hand-stitched thread yellow hand-stitched thread blue hand-stitched thread
handcrafted slim leather wallet front thumb Black Leather with Teal Stitching Dark Brown Leather with Teal Stitching Light Brown Leather with Teal Stitching

Additional Info About Colored Threads

We try our best to keep wallets with white, brown, and black stitching in stock, but wallets with colored stitching are always made to order and are typically shipped 3 or 4 days after your order has been placed.

  • The Waskerd logo for wallets with custom thread colors will be stitched with white thread by default. Click the wallet image below to view samples:
  • If you have questions or would like to add any additional customizations, email