Dupont 2-Pocket Wallet

Handcrafted Minimalist Leather Wallet
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Holds up to 10 bills and 4-5 cards
Size: 4" x .3" x 3" (L x W x H)



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The Dupont is the answer for the simple man who likes to carry cash. Only having to fold your cash once keeps the Dupont super slim and makes it much faster and easier to pull out your bills. The Dupont works well in a front pocket or back pocket.

The third Waskerd workshop was on Dupont Street in Philadelphia. While there, we were featured as a “Best Wallet” in Esquire magazine, we collaborated with Zero Halliburton for their 75-year anniversary attaché and the opening of their flagship store in NYC, and I proposed to the girl of my dreams. So, Philly was a pretty great run. After we launched the Madison as a cash wallet in 2011, we created the Dupont as a 2-pocket alternative. For me, the Dupont is a reminder of that exciting time of growth in Philadelphia — for Waskerd, and for me.

  • "The Dupont was delivered yesterday. It's very impressive - rugged without being too thick and obviously made from very high quality leather. A very good design too, and I really like your stitched logo. Also, your packaging is very cool and is second to none!"

    - Brian (California, USA)
  • "... The [Dupont] looks and feels lovely and I know that it will get a lot of use and give pleasure for many years to come. It has also been such a nice experience dealing with your company and getting a personalized service. With all best wishes for your continuing success."

    - Gillian (London, Great Britain)
  • "...I love it. Beautiful stitching, cut perfectly and great quality leather. Your presentation made my day - the personal note, hand written address, leather stamped business card and cloth wrapped wallet all added a personal touch. In a day where man's hands and brain are being replaced by machines and computers, your business model exemplifies how things used to be back in the day when craftsmanship and service mattered. Thank you for the beautiful wallet and fast and personal service."

    - James (Ohio, USA)
  • "It's exactly what I was looking for. Sturdy, slim and stylish. Great work, I'll refer friends and family looking for wallet/bags your way. Thanks."

    - Michael (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • "I wanted to thank you for the Dupont recommendation, perfect! Very nicely done!"

    - Daniel (Connecticutt, USA)
  • "Just received my [Dupont] wallet and I am very impressed. The presentation of the wrapping in the box all the way up to the wallet itself. It cuts down on the number of things I carry and cash still fits in one side perfectly."

    - Chris (California, USA)
  • "I'm speechless. This [Dupont] wallet is unbelievable! I'm blown away with the quality and the presentation. You have a serious gift, thanks so much for sharing it. Can't wait to tell all my friends about these!"

    - Canaan (Tennessee, USA)

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