Madison 3-Pocket Wallet

Madison Handcrafted Minimalist Wallet
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Comfortably holds up to 10 bills and 6-7 cards
Size: 4" x .375" x 3" (L x W x H)



Monogram ($10) ** (read more)

The Madison combines the convenience of a larger wallet with the comfort of a slim wallet. It features a quick-access pocket on the outside, and a cash-friendly pocket on the inside. Designate one pocket solely to cash, or slide your bills behind a card or two. Either way, the Madison stays slim and comfortable.

The Madison is named out of appreciation to Ben Carpenter from Madison, WI. Ben helped create this design back in 2011. He wanted a wallet like the Astoria, but one that would allow him to fold his bills in half, rather than into thirds or quarters. So we added half an inch to the height of the Astoria, named it the Madison, and watched it quickly become our all-time best seller. Interestingly, we have sold a disproportionate number of Madisons to the population living in its namesake.

  • "The Madison is truly an awesome wallet, thanks so much for the quick service and again, the extremely high quality of product, craftsmanship, & attention to detail. I was skeptical, as I truly do feel the [Pinnell] money clip wallet is beyond reproach, and didn't expect to be this taken aback by another of your product(s). The Madison has become my go-to daily carry wallet, and even though extremely slim and leaving a very small footprint in the pocket, I prefer using as a traditional back-pocket wallet... thank you for what you do & the true quality, effort, and attention to detail that goes into your products..."

    - Richard (North Carolina, USA)
  • "The Madison arrived today and it has exceeded expectations. I like to carry a bit of cash on me and maybe a few more cards than most, and the Madison was a perfect fit. Despite the cards plus cash it is still rather slim and has no trouble fitting in a front pocket. It also has a nice style to it and was just the look I wanted. Just a great product. I am also very impressed with the personal touch: gift wrapped in the box with personal note. Just don't see that anywhere else. Congrats on a great product with great customer service. Keep up the good work. You have a fan in me."

    - Erik (Massachusetts, USA)
  • "...I think of it as a gift rather than a purchase. To be honest with you, i was ready to compromise with what i carry in my wallet but I didn't need to. It held up all my cards and cash well. My wife also liked her wallet so much... Thank you for taking care of your customers. It might have been the best online purchase that I've ever made. Wish you all the best "

    - Mohammed (New York, USA)
  • "...I love the Madison. The leather is rich and supple. Minimal and incredibly functional. The color is gorgeous and the contrast stitching is to die for. Well done sir, artist and craftsman like you are far and few between!"

    - Kenneth (Florida, USA)
  • "...I got the [Madison] wallet today. Its great! I love it and so does everyone I've shown it to... Thanks!"

    - Todd (North Carolina, USA)
  • "Received the [Madison] wallet and it's great. Just wish I didn't have that exchange rate!"

    - Stephen (Quebec, Canada)
  • "Very very very nice!"

    - Richard (Florida, USA)
  • "Thanks for the [Madison] wallet Derek, it was a gift for a friend who saw your website and loved the look of your wallets. He is absolutely thrilled with it and is amazed at the superb quality of the leather you used. Because it was a gift it was already packaged perfectly. He is now looking at some of the other wallets on your website!"

    - Chad (NSW, Australia)
  • "...The packaging is very classy and I love the wallet. The feel is supple and exquisite. The smell of the leather is super pleasing. The look is simple but catchy. The wallet itself is very functional and does exactly what I need, no less and maybe room for a bit more... (6 cards and a little cash). It's perfect. Thank you for putting it together. Can't wait to see it age and evolve. "

    - Wan (California, USA)
  • "Love the new [Madison] wallet. Perfectly fits all my cards and money. Although, I would love to [send it back and] get my initials on the wallet, I don't want to part away from it. :) Thanks Again!"

    - Ayush (California, USA)
  • "I just received the [Madison] wallet and it looks fantastic. Thanks again!"

    - Anthony (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • "...I started looking for full grain leather, slim wallets and yours caught my eye. After doing more research on your wallet, and finding out that each one is personally handmade, that was the icing on the cake... I can really appreciate someone that puts the time and effort into creating a top quality product and I look forward to having this wallet for a long time... The [Madison] wallet is great! Just what I expected, fits comfortably in my front pocket and the craftsmanship and quality are top notch. Thanks again!"

    - John (New York, USA)
  • "I received the [Madison] wallet last week and was immediately impressed with the quality - it is exactly what I was hoping for. I've been using for a week now and have been very happy with all aspects - it feels great each time I pull it out of my pocket, the three pockets are perfect for organizing the things I want to carry, it is easy to get cards and money in and out (though there is just the right amount of friction to keep them where they belong). It's a real treat to have something I interact with every day that is so thoughtfully designed and well made."

    - Barrett (Illinois, USA)
  • "Just got the [Madison] wallet it's perfect!!! Can't wait to see how it ages!"

    - Jackson (Alabama, USA)
  • "...I am very happy with it well made and it looks like it is built to last. Has plenty of room left if I need to add more cards in the future. I went with your recommended setup and it works well. I really like the stitched logo as well it is a nice touch. Thanks again."

    - Ed (California, USA)
  • "...I must say that it has lived up to my expectations. Your work is beautiful. I've got my eye on that Dopp kit you make..."

    - Dan (Ontario, Canada)
  • "The [Madison] wallet arrived yesterday and it's absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. The packaging is amazing and the product is great quality. I know my husband will love it. Just wanted you to know you have a happy customer. Thanks!!!"

    - Sara (Virginia, USA)
  • "I received my new [Madison] wallet in the mail and I love it. The color is beautiful, I am interested to see how it changes with age. I really appreciate the craftsmanship and I support what you are doing with handmade products in America. I will be placing another order as a Christmas gift for my son. I also enjoyed the presentation box and hand written note. I look forward to buying additional products, keep up the good work."

    - Darin (Indiana, USA)
  • "[The Madison] is a great wallet. The colors turned out great and the quality appears to be outstanding. Looking forward to many years of use. Thanks!"

    - John (Hawaii, USA)
  • "...I got the [Madison] wallet this past weekend and absolutely love it. It's totally what I was looking for, thank you for helping me out. The wallets you make are so great, so well made, been getting a bunch of compliments on it and have been telling them to check out your website, hopefully I will drive some business your way!"

    - Andrew (Minnesota, USA)
  • "I received the [Madison] wallet today and WOW! It's really beautiful. Thank you so much! It's really perfect and exactly what I wanted (and gift wrapped so lovely I was reluctant to open it!). It's more beautiful than I imagined. I can't wait to give it to [my boyfriend]! This is something he'll have for a long, long time... I clicked on everything you make and thought this is THE "girlfriend of the year" gift. So again, thank you. I will tell everyone I know where to get the perfect Christmas/birthday/anniversary/wedding/just because gift. I know he will be so proud every time he pulls out his wallet. YOU ROCK MAN!!!!"

    - Stephanie (Texas, USA)
  • "[My Madison] is a beautiful piece of work, and I am so far very pleased with it. The two inside pockets have provided ample room for my cards, and the outermost one has remained free for cash. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and your deep desire to build a relationship with your customer base. It is artisans like you that make me reevaluate my own consumerism and make me want to invest my money into works of beauty."

    - Jacob (South Carolina, USA)
  • "Got the [Madison] wallet yesterday and it looks and feels amazing... It's already feeling softer than when I opened it yesterday. I'm starting to break it in.
    P.s it also smells fantastic."

    - Jonathan (Quebec, CA)
  • "I just received my [Madison] wallet today. It is everything that I expected!"

    - Richard (Ontario, Canada)
  • "The Madison wallet is great. I like the fact that I can fold my bills in half, instead of in quarters. The pockets are a little stiff, but they're loosening up a bit with use. The full-grain leather seems like it could last a long time. Thanks again."

    - John (New York, USA)
  • "I received the [Madison] wallet and it is exactly what I expected... I never liked wallets with nylon lining and I wanted something I could put in my front pocket for certain situations or events. While your wallets are more expensive than some, I was influenced by your website as to the quality and craftsmanship of your product. Upon receipt of the wallet, I was not let down. I am considering purchasing another wallet from you, possibly the Astoria."

    - Matt (Michigan, USA)
  • "LOVE the [Madison] wallet! It was exactly what I was looking for...... bigger than a money clip, but smaller than a traditional wallet. And the quality is beautiful."

    - John (North Carolina, USA)
  • "I recently received the Madison wallet. I've been looking for the "perfect" wallet for quite some time, and by "perfect" I mean a slim and durable product with character that I can fit in a front pant pocket or shirt pocket. I've been disappointed with all my previous purchases—specifically with the "slim" and "durable" characteristics. (What some consider quality leather is quite lacking in my book.) That said, you have crafted a great piece here. The quality of leather you use as well as your minimalist design is impressive. I'm sold! And I will recommend you to my friends and family."

    - Mathew (New York, USA)
  • "I have had the [Madison] for about four months and each and every day it lives up to its standards and continues to age with beauty. I keep 7 cards, and roughly 5-10 bills on me at all times and have never felt the wallet to be overbearing or at maximum capacity. The leather has continued to withstand the beatings my life... I have received numerous compliments on how cool it looks. The stitch job Derek has made still looks as good as new, and none of the edges of the leather, or stitching have showed even the slightest signs of deterioration. I plan on keeping this thing forever! I would have paid double the original price for such an amazing product."

    - Jesse (Illinois, USA)
  • "I received my [Madison] wallet, and I must say it is everything I wanted. The monogrammed name looks really cool the way it is in the flap. I was really impressed with the package and your note also was very nice."

    - Jason (Berlin, Germany)

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