Matchbox Zip Wallet

Matchbox 2-Sided Leather Zipper Wallet for Men
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Accommodates 6-14 cards and a few quartered bills.
Size: 3.8" x .5" x 2.5" (L x W x H)



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The Matchbox Zipper Wallet is designed to be the smallest possible way to carry 6-14 cards and a couple bills. You can also slide a house key in this wallet allowing you to keep all your carrying needs to one small, compact, package. It does not have a divider or any interior organization—keeping it as slim and streamlined as possible—perfect for the extreme minimalist.

The Matchbox is named after the small cardboard containers used to hold matches (I guess that didn’t really need to be explained). We modified the Brea’s inverted gusset design to make this wallet. After 10+ slight dimension changes and design tweaks, we finally landed on the smallest functional zipper wallet possible. The photo below is the original sketch of the Matchbox in my journal.

Matchbox Wallet Behind the Scenes

  • "Thank you! Love the [Matchbox] wallet. It's perfect"

    - Brent (Texas, USA)
  • "The Matchbox is great in a couple of ways: It is truly minimalist in that you can carry simply one card or however many more. I have not come across anything in leather that is this flexible. You can use it to just carry bills or coins for that matter. It feels great and the black and green looks really nice."

    - Adrian (Munich, Germany)
  • "...Wanted to let you know I received the [Matchbox] wallet last evening and I love it! Exactly what I needed... Thanks again for being so helpful and willing to work with me to get me what I was looking for (even when I didn’t know what I was looking for!)."

    - Brycen (Virginia, USA)
  • "The quality [of the Matchbox with increased width] is amazing and it is one of the best wallets I own. It is durable and small."

    - Ranjan
  • I purchased both the Matchbox wallet and the Knox... I was secretly wishing [my husband] would pick one so I could have the other. Nope, not the case. He uses the Matchbox daily in his front pocket. Perfect size! He uses the Knox currently for coins for parking and leaves in the car. He will also use the Knox for weekend travel and vacation as he needs to carry a bit more dollars and Euros. Bottom line, he loves both. Derrick was truly awesome at communication and they shipped really fast, even overseas. The product is superior and classy. The leather is thick and perfect, one of the best that I have seen. Derricks craftsmanship is top notch! Thank you!"

    - Christin

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