Pinnell Money Clip Wallet

Pinnell Money Clip Wallet
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black hand-stitched leather black hand-stitched leather hereford hand-stitched leather brown hand-stitched leather brown hand-stitched leather light brown hand-stitched leather

Holds 4-5 cards and up to 20 bills
Size: 2.75" x .3" x 4" (L x W x H)



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None of the metal clips on the market were up to our standards, so we ended up buying raw stainless steel and making them in house. At 2.75" wide, the Pinnell Money Clip Wallet is just wide enough to conceal your cash. Whether it's one bill or many bills, the Money Clip Wallet works well in a front or back pocket.

I collaborated with customer Hunter Pinnell on this design in 2012. I’ve never liked the bulk of traditional money clip designs, and after many customer requests for a money clip wallet, I was thrilled when Hunter approached me with his design. The biggest challenge was finding a high-quality metal clip that was made in America. After searching everywhere, Hunter and I fashioned the first few metal clips out of heavy duty brass clothes hangers. We’ve fine-tuned the process since then, but still make each clip in-house out of stainless steel.

  • "I liked [my Pinnell] so much I ended up getting one for my brother for Christmas... Look forward to receiving the wallet!"

    - Adam (Virginia, USA)
  • "Ive been using [the Pinnell] as my daily wallet for about a week now and absolutely love it. The first time I picked it up it felt great, the quality and craftsmanship of the leather and stitching is the best I have had in a wallet. I love the way it looks as the stitching gives it great character. I like how it maintains a low profile even when carrying my everyday necessities. Overall, couldn't be happier. The customer service and personal feedback from you has also been superb. I will look forward to buying from Waskerd again anytime I am in need of a similar product."

    - Brenden (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • "I received the [Pinnell] wallet Thursday. So far it is working out great. I've gotten some nice comments on its appearance."

    - Eric (California, USA)
  • "...thanks for the quick shipping! I am thrilled with it so far... You have a great selection of items, I'm sure I'll be ordering more."

    - Steven (New Jersey, USA)
  • "Just wanted to let you know I've been using the Pinnell every day for the last month and it's been working perfectly for me. Thanks for making such a great wallet!"

    - Kevin (New York, USA)
  • "I received the [Pinnell] wallet on Thursday and gave it to my husband on Saturday. He loves it!! Thank you for a wonderful product! "

    - Mica (Georgia, USA)
  • "Great news, my boyfriend LOVED [the Pinnell]! I was really happy considering the fact that it replaced an heirloom from his grandfather. Sounds depressing but his old wallet was torn and worn beyond repair. He has all of his cards and money in it now! Thanks again for your quick delivery and fine craftsmanship..."

    - Alicia (Virginia, USA)
  • "...[my husband] really loved [the Pinnell]. It's such a unique piece and with such great craftmanship. He gets a lot of compliments on it too. Thanks again & Happy New Year! "

    - Jessica (California, USA)
  • "Just got the [Pinnell] wallet in the mail today! Perfect, love how its small but burly at the same time. Really appreciate you taking the time to customize your logo for me. I look forward to breaking it in and will be sure to pass on your info when peeps ask about it. Thanks again, cheers!"

    - Randy (California, USA)
  • "...Absolutely fantastic job! Seriously, I could not be more pleased... My previous wallet was a java brown, Bellroy slim sleeve. Thus, I had reasonably high expectations and you sir, far exceeded them and permanently changed my frame of reference. By way of comparison the leather on the Bellroy feels needlessly too thin and the stitching feels fragile. The Bellroy comes across as a machine made product using fake materials; whereas your design looks carefully crafted and feels genuine...Also wanted to commend you on your [customer service]. Truly first class... Above all I will certainly recommend Waskerd and will carry the Pinnell everyday with pride."

    - Ben (Minnesota, USA)
  • "Love the [Pinnell] wallet. Fantastic quality. Thank you."

    - Paul (California, USA)
  • "I received the [Pinnell] wallet today and I LOVE it! It's perfect and I know [my husband] will love it too :) Thanks so much again for everything!"

    - Julie (Tennessee, USA)
  • "A little while back my girlfriend got me one of your Pinnell wallets... just wanted to let you know that it is awesome. Love the simplicity of it and is exactly what i like in a wallet. Also the initial press is a great touch. Great product Derek, thanks again man."

    - Benjamin (New York, USA)
  • "I wanted to make sure I used the [Pinnell] wallet for awhile to tell you what I think. I opened up the package and right away I was happy with my purchase. I really appreciate the hand written note, that's so rare now a days. I love how simple yet functional the wallet is. It carries my credit card, drivers license, and cash. I like how it's all leather and doesn't use any card board to give it stiffness. It smells good and it feels good to the hand, it's slim yet it carries all my essentials for everyday use. I really love the wallet and the quality and care for your brand is all there, from the package to the actual product... I'm no expert in leather but I'm very happy with the wallet. Thanks again! "

    - Luis (Texas, USA)
  • "Thanks so much for the Pinnell!...I love the slim, simple and leather style of it along with the Hand-stitching. Thanks Again Man!"

    - Kemaro (Florida, USA)
  • "Just got the [Pinnell] wallet today. It's awesome. I've been looking for a slim wallet that had a separate cash spot that I didn't have to fold up and put in a pocket. Time will tell, but this looks like the one I've been looking for. "

    - Andy (Florida, USA)
  • "...I wanted to let you know I got the [Pinnell] wallet in the mail a few days ago and we love it! Thanks so much for getting it to me so quickly, definitely will tell our friends about your business! "

    - Elizabeth (Virginia, USA)
  • "I have received the [Pinnell] wallet this Friday. Thanks a lot, I really like it, exactly what I needed! All the people that have seen it, really liked it."

    - Leonardo (Munchen Bavaria, Germany)
  • "Just wanted to let you know I got the [Pinnell] wallet and it exceeds my expectations."

    - Ricky (Connecticutt, USA)
  • "I received the [Pinnell] wallet yesterday and am carrying it now. First time I've ever had full grain in such a slim profile. The pockets are perfect size - cards pull out with the right tug, but don't fall out. It's a very nice wallet. Thanks"

    - Bill (Washington, USA)
  • "Received the Pinnell today and absolutely love it...I will definitely be shopping with you again in the future and will recommend you to family and friends. You make a unique product of high quality. Please keep me informed of any new products or designs you come up with. Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you again in the future."

    - Chris (New York, USA)

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