Snello Minimalist Wallet

Saddle-Stitched Minimalist Leather Wallet
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Holds up to 4-5 cards & 1 or 2 quartered bills
Size: 3.875" x .2" x 2.75" (L x W x H)



Monogram ($10) ** (read more)

The Snello is one of our slimmest wallets. This unique wallet has a very modern, elegant construction and features one horizontal and one vertical pocket.

Snello is Italian for slim. This wallet is a small tribute to Werther and Julia Arcelli, my great-grandparents from Italy. Werther was a professional boxer. He immigrated to the United States of America in 1930, and won the New England Welterweight title in 1934. My father remembers him as manly yet gentle. Julia, who worked as a stitcher in a factory, was known and loved for her spunk — even in her last years. The Snello is spunk and gentleness, expressed in leather.

  • "...I think [the Snello] is beautiful and smart. The leather is thick and smooth to the touch. Transmits quality. The stitching feels strong and well executed. You can tell it has been hand stitched. The logo has a smart design. The monogram is clean. Red on red looks great. I am carrying two credit cards into the horizontal opening (could force in a third one) and my ID fits snug into the vertical, which is a good thing. One credit card would fall off, two hold perfectly. All the best,"

    - Abraham (Texas, USA)
  • "Exactly what I was wanting my man! [The Snello with an extra pocket on the back] came out perfect. I'm digging the fact that you can custom these for me, and accommodate my "need" for a third pocket. Ever since making the switch to the slim wallets, I'm not really a fan of folding wallets anymore, so it's nice to still get three pockets without having the fold. Thanks again man!"

    - Brandon (Texas, USA)
  • "[My husband] loves the [Snello] wallet so far! It is so much slimmer than the one he had been trying to use lately!... Thanks so much for all your help, and for sending such a carefully and beautifully made quality product! I loved the presentation as well!"

    - Lindsay (Georgia, USA)
  • "Hey brother, wanted to say that the [Snello] wallet is awesome! I have gotten several compliments so far... Keep up the good work and you got a customer for life. Too bad you made the wallet so well, might be the only one I need. :) "

    - Cason (Oklahoma, USA)
  • "... I wanted to make sure I gave you an update on the [Snello] wallet and my thoughts now that I've used it for a few months. I have 4 cards in it max, and it works so well! I love using the wallet because it's one piece of leather really that just slides in or out of whatever pocket or place you put it. I wanted a simpler set up and it is definitely what I got. The stretch is not bad, the leather is still as moist as it should be, and it works very well for my conditions. The hardest thing to do is use cash. It has to be double folded, so keeping more than 20 dollars in there is difficult. But, I almost solely use it for the cards anyway so no worries. I can see myself ordering 3 or 4 more wallets in the future!"

    - Caleb (Louisiana, USA)
  • "The [Madison & Snello] wallets have been received! They look awesome! Thank you very much sir. I'll definitely be purchasing few more very soon. Thanks!"

    - Marty (Texas, USA)
  • "I got it. The [Snello] wallet is beautiful! "

    - Gurmeet (Oregon, USA)
  • "The [Snello] wallet is so awesome and beautifully packaged! I'm certain he'll dig it."

    - Naomi (Texas, USA)
  • "I've been using the [Snello] wallet for a little while now and I love it! It is much thinner than my previous thin wallet to the point that I can't tell if it is in my pocket or not."

    - Doug (Colorado, USA)
  • "I received the package a few days before the start of the new year, and it was perfect timing for me to bring the Snello on a week long vacation with me. It worked great, and I love the quality and the design. Compliments on a great product, the attention to the detail and your passion for it is obvious!"

    - Chih Ming (Singapore, Republic of Singapore)

Handsewn Saddle Stitching

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Stitching by hand is time-consuming, but for leather goods that will become heirlooms, it's worth the extra time.

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The strongest part of the leather is just below the hair on the cow. This part of the leather also has the most character.

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