Wallet Story:

The Search

One day, I was sent home from work for not being "passionate" about my job. My boss gave me a blank piece of paper and told me to come back with my dream job description. I returned the next day and gave the paper back to him—blank. Without thinking it all the way through. I had just quit my safe job.

Hand Cut Full Grain Leather

The Search

Meanwhile, my friend and I had been searching every store in NYC for a quality wallet with character. Everything we saw was either too bulky and uncomfortable to carry, or it was made with cheap materials and lacked personality. We thought, it shouldn't be so hard to find a high quality wallet. Rather than giving up, we turned to our sketchbooks.

Hand Punched Wallet

Minimalist Wallets. Maximum Quality.

Our guidelines were to create the simplest wallet for carrying our necessities while using the highest quality materials and construction. After learning about saddle stitching and full grain leather, we were able to nail down our design, buy our first hide of leather, and get to work.

We realized we were onto something big when Esquire featured the Strayer in their "Best Wallets of Spring 2013" article, but as we spoke with more and more people, we also learned not everybody can get away with carrying just 3 cards.

Hand Tailored Wallet

The Wallet Selection Process

After making thousands of wallets and doing market research for more than 6 years, we set out to create the ideal wallet for each individual's unique lifestyle and personality—with the highest quality build.

Hand Finished Wallet

A Passion in Wallets

Am I passionate about wallets? That might be a little much. But, I am passionate about helping others and making products I'm proud of. Try out the Wallet Selector, and take a look at the 40 color combinations. If I can help you out with your search for the perfect wallet, I'd be delighted.

-Derek Shaw