The abundance of willow in Montana provides the basic materials needed to make my willow furniture. Because it grows so prolifically, ranchers are happy to have me cut stands of willow that have grown into their hay fields.

I enjoy cutting willow for my furniture as much as I do making the furniture itself. It is gratifying to be out in fields and river banks in all seasons cutting a variety of sizes of willow. I pretty much know where each piece I cut will end up on my willow rocker or sofa just by looking at it. The elasticity of willow is what makes it ideal for willow furniture. I can bend it without soaking or heating it and not worry about splitting or breaking. Every piece of willow furniture that I make starts with the same basic design, but each one has its unique features due to the variations in size and thickness of the willow. In essence, every piece of willow furniture I make is custom.

All of my products are handmade in Montana City, Montana by me, Walter Shaw.

I do custom willow furniture and custom cushions. If you are interested in purchasing my work, please visit my “Order info” page.